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Windrush Foundation

Requirement: Consultancy / Design / Build / Social Media

I originally approached the The Windrush Foundation in 2012 ostensively to produce a short film for my other site

The short film was completed and you can view the finished product here.

I was concerned that the Foundation itself did not have a website, as in this digital age it seemed that such an essential charity should be represented well on the web. After some consultation it was agreed that I would produce the charity website, as many people in the UK and the Caribbean would be interested in seeing the genuine stories of  those original pioneers who made the journey some 65 years ago.

The site has been build using a bespoke template created exclusively for the use of the Foundation, according to the brief provided by Arthur Torrington of the Foundation. Very Early in the conversation, it became important that the site needed to be highly interactive, allowing as many people form any location to access and comment on the featured stories on the site.

In choosing to use WordPress as a the technological foundation of the site, we felt that this would enable the multiway interaction required.

The site allows the organisation of the video and text stories of the original passengers to de displayed in a simple to use way so primary school children can easily use the site and leave comments which can be replied to by the Foundation and commented on by other parties who may also wish to use the site.

The very nature of the charity lends itself to the use of Social Media, and in particular Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. I have created accounts on all of these platforms for the Foundation and will l look to grow communities around these platforms and the site itself.

The site has been soft launched in early january 2014, but will start to be officially promoted in February of this year. You can vist the site and the social media platforms at the addresses below;


Twitter: @windrush1948


Youtube Channel: Windrush Foundation