Dwayne Ferguson – Virtual Digital Consultant
As you may have guessed from the large header at the top of the page, I am a Digital Consultant with over 15 years experience working at director level.
Having worked in a variety of client facing roles, engaging with some of the largest global brands such as LufthansaUnilever,  Ford, Volvo and Nissan , I am experienced  and well placed to advice on digital technology to companies of all sizes.

The about section of this website  will provide you with a brief version of my career history or indeed you may look at my CV if you really want to know my history in all it’s detail.

What is a virtual digital consultant?

This site is intended to introduce the concept of a virtual digital consultant. Having had so many years experience in the industry, it struck me that I can be of greater assistance to many more people and companies if I were offer my services online using Skype or Hangouts on Google +.

If you are creating your own business or digital project and need input from an industry professional or if  you are part of an already established company that would like to reassess an exisiting digital strategy or implement one for the very first time, then contact me for a free initial conversation.

I also offer  a range of  seminars on various aspects of digital technology including a basic introduction, delivered via Skype, designed to bring you up to speed in only an hour, each seminar is different and tailored to your particular  requirement.

Digital technology is here to stay and is only set to increase in its popularity both in a personal and a business setting, it is incumbent on you to stay ahead of the technology curve. I am here to offer my assistance as your virtual digital consultant who you can call on for advice or suggestions from wherever you maybe in the world.

I look forward to working on some interesting projects with you in the future.