What is a Virtual Digital Consultant ?
Your own digital consultant on call for recommendations, advice or simply just to talk through an idea. Wherever you maybe on the planet, a time will be scheduled that best suit you. 
2014 will be a very big year for digital. Over the last decade, the rate of change has increased at an astonishing rate, with change being the only constant.
With digital technology now playing such a pivotal role in most new businesses, you need to have a virtual team member that fully understands the nuances of the sector and can play an active part in your projects as they evolve.

Dwayne Ferguson has been an industry professional for almost twenty years, and he can bring that experience to bear on your project whatever its size. He offers a free one to one consultation to get to know your project and provide free initial advice and recommendations. If then you feel you need to know more or wish to develop a social media or digital marketing strategy, website or even a mobile app, Dwayne is available with industry knowledge and experience to help. He will be your consultant producing strategy documents for your project, ready to share or liaise with a digital agency of your choice, or he can source a project team to deliver your project from inception through to completion, the choice is yours.

Of course, it should also be noted, that Dwayne does include in person face to face visits and meetings as required.

There is no compulsion to buy after the initial conversation, but you will certainly get an understanding of the depth of his experience and understanding.

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