One Hour Consultation (Minimum)

If you are about to  launch a new business or product or embark on a new project, then here is a one hour consultation about Social Media with Dwayne Ferguson, an industry professional with nearly 20 years experience at director level.
All consultations are bespoke, interactive and two-way, specifically tailored to target the areas that you need to focus on most.

If you would like to more about my personal credentials then please check out the About section of this website or read my testimonials.

What will you receive ?
  • A one hour bespoke consultation focussed on how best to use Social Media to support your particular business, product or project.
  • A full HD recorded version of the consultation
  • The printed detail of the course, tailored to add suggestions and recommendations to your specific project delivered to your inbox 48 hours after each consultation.

*This consultation can be scheduled to suit your calendar during office hours. The price is dependant upon the numbers attending.

 All consultations are delivered via



The topics covered are;

  1. What is Social Media
  2. Why is it important
  3. What are the main Social Media Platforms
  4. Facts & Stats
  5. How are they used, for personal and for business
  6. What is micro-content
  7. What is a social media strategy,
  8. Why is tone of voice important
  9. Why is branding important
  10. Blogging
  11. Best Practice
  12. Do’s and Don’ts
  13. Your Questions
  14. Jargon Buster

Social Media –  The next steps (approx 90 mins)

  1. An introduction
  2. Facts & Stats
  3. Six steps for creating your Social Media Plan
  4. How to set goals
  5. How to measure ROI using Analytics and benchmarks
  6. What is EdgeRank
  7. Blogging
  8. Setting your strategy
  9. The importance of context
  10. Differences between the platforms
  11. What a finished plan should contain
  12. How to advertise using Social Media
  13. How to sell using Social Media
  14. Your questions
  15. Jargon Buster


Please complete the Book Now form, providing as much detail as possible on your particular project, as the more information you give the more tailored the consultancy will be.
Prices start from £20.00 for a full hour. Consultations can be booked and confirmed, before any payment is made, but payment must be made 48 hours in advance of the start of the consultation.

Please book using the book Now tab on the right hand side of this screen.

*Consultations are held Monday through Friday 9.00 – 6.00pm.
If you require a consultation outside of these hours the is will attract a premium of £20.00