Meet Dave
Dave represents a typical new business person or entrepreneur, he is smart and driven, he knows all there is to know about his particular industry, but online marketing and social media is still just a fog of keywords and jargon.

He needs some help in understanding the medium, not so that he can become an expert, but just enough to make his new business flourish.  The accepted wisdom dictates that he must have a social presence of some sort. Just as a few years ago it was said that every company would need a website. Well that is now certainly true. Dave doesn’t  want to  miss any opportunity to market his new business, especially if it allows him to build strong relationships directly with his perspective customers at little or no cost.

Dave is familiar with Facebook and Twitter and has vaguely heard about Instagram and Pinterest, but is not sure how any of these can help him in a business sense.  His fear is choosing the wrong platform and using it in the wrong way so that it causes brand damage. (brand damage is rarely irreparable, but should be avoided at all costs).

Dave needs someone to hold his hand as he navigates his way around the social media landscape.  He really wants to get familiar with the various platforms and understand the strategies a business such as his should employ to generate a responsive following.

After searching online for a Digital Consultant, Dave decides that single seminars on Social Media and Digital Marketing is exactly what he needs. This will bring him up to speed quickly and easily, talking to a real person via Skype. Dave will get all of his questions answered and  a full report bespoke to him and his new company. Dave can even invite his partners along so they can all be on the same page as the start their journey.

Best of all Dave and his partners now have a go to person that they can contact should they wish to get a deeper understanding of the platforms they have decided to use, other platforms available or to build on their initial digital strategy.


Click on any of the links below to see Dave journey in a short animation.


Digital360 - A series of bye sized seminars for the time poor, staring with an Introduction to digital Technology

SocialMedia360  - What exactly is Social Media and its benefits in the business world

DigitalMarketing360 - How to digitally market your business or project

WordPress360 – An introduction to using WordPress