Bill Gates must come back to Microsoft
Roger Macnamee one of my most respected figures in tech funding makes the case for Bill Gates returning to Microsoft.
Microsoft has arguably lost it’s way since it missed out on three major paradigm shifts that have happened in tech since the turn of the century.

Before 2000, Microsoft was adept at making up lost ground, lost largely due to its inability to spot trends and move the company fast enough. A good example would be Internet browsers, for anyone old enough to remember the browser wars of the 90′s. Ironically, it was able to play catch up successfully because of its very size and its position in the market as the biggest tech company in the world.

It deployed it’s vast resources to ensure it won those browser wars, buy giving Internet Explorer away for free at a time when the original innovators at Netscape had to charge for their ground breaking product.

Today the landscape is completely different, Microsoft is no longer the biggest tech company in the game and cannot simply outspend its way to the top of the pile. The three big paradigm shifts missed by Microsoft since 2000 have been;

  1. Social
  2. Search
  3. Mobile


Microsoft has since given up on social, but is still battling hard on the other two fronts with its search engine Bing and Windows Mobile, which it recently boosted with the acquisition of Nokia Mobile.

It can be argued that under the tenure of Steve Balmer (CEO) Microsoft has conceded its leading role in the tech sector. But with him leaving this year, there is an opportunity to appoint a new successor with some radical new ideas and a new game plan. Roger Macnamee of Elevation Partners on the other hand, seems to favour the return of Bill Gates, the original founder and CEO, what do you think?