App Development
Mobile and desktop Apps have now become ubiquitous, every smart phone has a number of apps tightly integrated into their particular operating system.

These app vary enormously in functionality and can be produced by a large global tech company such as Apple or just as easily by a teenager in his bedroom in England. Indeed someone of the most valuable apps have originally been produced by individuals.

The app economy as it has been called is, massive and only destined to get bigger. With the advent of Tablet computing we have seen this economy explode.  As we speak the two major platforms  for apps are Apple’s IOS, which started the economy and Google’s Android which now has the larger share of the market due to its different distribution model. There is also the Blackberry platform which now seems to be on the wain, largely due to the companies failure to anticipate the popularity of touch screens and virtual keyboards offered by Apple and Android.


Bloomberg Businessweek

The money flowing into apps is inspired by the belief that smartphones and other portable devices are transforming the tech world. The growth of mobile computing is sparking a renaissance in software development. Gaming apps are the most popular programs right now, but mobile shopping, content, social media, communications, and productivity tools are attracting increasing amounts of capital. “We don’t think this is slowing down anytime soon,” says Matt Murphy, the partner at Kleiner Perkins running the fund dedicated to Apple-related investments.

December 2013
Apple (AAPL) offered one of its periodic check-ins on activity in the App Store Tuesday, and announced that its users spent $10 billion last year in the App Store, with $1 billion coming in December alone.


I have a team of professionals that I can use to create bespoke apps for any or all of the leading platform technologies. I have successfully managed the creation of an IOS app which has been deployed in the UK and am currently developing a large scale consumer website and mobile app. If you have a firm idea and assess to the required budget to produce an app, please complete the form below, I would be glad to hear from you.